our services

Location scouting

During our years of experience of filming throughout Morocco, we have built up a photobank of all the myriad backdrops available:
Interiors, exteriors, ports, airports, roads, deserts, montains, modern towns, construction, art déco, Arab towns etc...
Before beginning the loacation scouting process, we suggest that you peruse the images in our photobank.


We take care of securing all types of official permission necessary for your filming, from general filming permits to individual permits required by various Moroccan authorities or private operators.


As is the case with locations, we also have an extensive database of professional actors available in Morocco.
Our casting director will arrange casting according to your script and the demands of your casting dept or AD'S
We also organise the casting of extras and for commercials purposes and in accordance with your instructions
Our casting team does not just provide actors and extras. The team accompanies them and manages them during pre-production and filming, helping with signing contracts, costume fittings, transport to and from the set, arrangements during filming.

Estimates and accounts

We present our estimates on a spreadsheet in line with French accountancy practices but we can also present an estimate to match your own way of keeping accounts (Movie Magic® or other)
We also set up a schedule of expenses in order to allow you to maximise your budget
Our book-keepers work closely with you in order to supply a weekly up-date on your accounts.
Our mission is to assist you in the most transparent way possible, in accordance with your deadlines and your budget.


Transport is always a major expense that does not show up on the screen.
We are committed to making the very best use of your allocation according to the demands of filming.
In order to be able to do this we have established special terms with our suppliers and agencies for the hire of cars, lorries and sets, plus relations with airline companies and hiring agencies for jets and helicopters.