our services


Since 1987, MPS is proud to have trained technicians in various fields: AD's, production, art dept, scenery creation, wardrobe, make-up, camera, machinery, lighting etc...
As well as our full-time technicians, we can put you in touch with a wide range of experienced free-lance technicians.


Our wardrobe teams make your costumes in our own workrooms and act as dressers on the set.


Because we believe that film community know better than anyone the importance of catering when on set, we have developed our own catering department, which has been up and running since 1989.
We are able to cater a hot buffet in the middle of the desert for 300 technicians and 2000 extras
Amongst the most recent projects we have been involved in, we can list
"Astérix et Obélix- Mission Cléopatre", "Iznogoud", "Les Rois Mages" "OSS 117 - Cairo, a nest of spies" and "Ali Baba"
Hygiene, Quality, Quantity and Punctuality are the watchwords of our catering team


We negociate the very best local insurance contracts for you and provide follow-up for claims until you get your compensation.


Our sets are provided with 24 hour security.
If requested, we can also supply close security for your VIPs, using the services of a specialist firm.