Offices, actors rooms and restaurant

Offices :

Twenty-three production offices, split between the stages and the main building, provide an enormous amount of reception space for the use of our client teams.
Electrical installations, a high-performance telephone network and WI-FI connections ensure each production's complete autonomy.

Actors'rooms :

Fifteen actor's rooms and two large rooms for hairdressing and make-up (maximum volume: ten stations each).
Two star rooms with private bathroom are also available
Two large dressing rooms located close to sets A and B are made available for wardrobe services for the extras.
Various car parks are available on-site, providing parking space for around twenty heavy goods vehicles or coaches and over a hundred light vehicles.
A props-maintenance team, accommodated on-site, provides an instant response to production needs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
The entire site is fully secure and is patrolled by round-the-clock security teams.


Restaurant :

The restaurant offers a capacity of 200 covers per service in an attractive setting. It is available for all productions and is open throughout the year.