Wardrobe, accessories, props, vehicules

CINEDINA possesses several thousand square metres of hangars where we store our accessories, scenery, fabrics, weapons, wardrobe and furnishings.


There are more than 10,000 articles of costume and wardrobe accessories at the disposal of CINEDINA's clients. All the articles are made specially for CINEDINA by our craftsmen and women. The main part of our wardrobe items are Biblical or oriental costumes...

Accessories and furnitures

1.500 m² of props, weapons, furniture and upholstery are available from CINEDINA.

Location equipment

Our 450 m2 hangar is a storeroom for location equipment for filming on location: tents, booms, ladders, air conditioners, fans, make up mirrors, costume hangars, water fountains, etc...


Our 900m² garage is used to park our film vehicles: travelling wagons, trailers, catering trucks, refrigeration vans, toilet trucks, generators, windmachines, etc.